If one looks at the history of tanning and beauty treatment, one will find that this technique was popular amongst ancient Greek civilizations. Many people from the Greek era restored to the sun for its therapeutic values. And as we have moved towards the age of modernization, sun tanning has been replaced by innovative indoor tanning techniques. Besides having the choice to tan under the sun, people now have various other artificial tanning options at their disposal. Most modern-day salons and spas keep automated spray tan booth and other indoor tanning equipment.

When we already have sun rays in abundance, why is there even a need for sunless tanning methods? Although the traditional tanning method offers a natural-looking tan, it also comes with many disadvantages. Sun tanning is not only time-consuming; one has to repeat the process of laying under the sun to get the desired shade. Over time, many health reports have linked over or uncontrolled exposure to the sun’s UV rays with skin infection, sunburn, hypersensitivity, and even skin cancer. 

In this blog, we will be looking at artificial tanning and discuss some of the options available at spas in Hampton Roads

What is artificial tanning?

In the traditional tanning method, one can achieve a bronzed skin tone by laying on tan beds under the sun. People hoard to beaches or go on tropical vacations to get that naturally glowing toffee-color complexion. So, what happens when you expose yourself to the sunbeams?

Skin tanning a naturally occurring process that takes place on the skin surface. When sun rays hit our bare skin, chemical reaction happens on the skin surface, which results in melanin production. The formation of melanin protects the skin cells from further damage. The melanin collects on the skin surface, making our skin darker.

Popular indoor tanning methods to know

  1. Tanning booth:

Tanning booths are a small enclosed structure that looks like cubicles. The cubicles are fitted with light-emitting lamps of various wavelengths. The tanning booths are designed to work similarly to the sun. Once you step into the tanning booth, the lamps are turned on and set to produce UVA and UVB rays. When the UVA and UVB rays hit the skin, the skin cells start building melanin. You can set the temperature inside the booth as per your needs. 

  • Horizontal tanning bed:

Horizontal tanning beds are similar to tanning booths where one can lie down to get tanned. The light lamps are fitted on top of the tanning bed. When you are inside the tanning bed, the door closes from the top. You can comfortably rest inside the tanning booth as if you are experiencing outdoor tanning.

  • Spray tan:

The spray tanning technique is different from other tanning booths. In spray tanning, a tan solution is sprayed on the body through an applicator. The tan solution reacts with our skin cell’s amino acids resulting in a perfect tan. Spray tanning comes in two variations, one is manual, and another is automatic. In manual spray tanning, the technician sprays the tan mist on your body, covering the entire area of your body. Whereas in automated spray tanning, there are nozzles fitted inside a tanning booth that spray the tan solution. When you are inside the tan booth, the nozzles show the tan solution on your body.